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Cloud gateways are secure routing and flow control points within cloud networks, between cloud networks and the internet, or between cloud networks and on-premises networks. They ensure reliable management, greater control and transparency over cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. Centralized connectivity as a core feature of VPN gateway technology provides a unified, timely and accurate access to enterprise services. Acting as an interconnection point, the cloud gateway simplifies the configuration required to manage clients within network infrastructure.

Cloud Gateway Environment

VyOS can be deployed inside a cloud environment as a typical virtual instance from a cloud marketplace or as a ready-to-deploy image (depending on the provider). This is a quick and painless process that allows deploying an operational router in no time.
As a multifunctional router, VyOS can act as a NAT gateway, providing simple access to instances on the cloud, or open access to services operating within the cloud. Firewall functionality is used to protect services or limit access between subnetworks and as an encrypted connection terminator, to unite different parts of infrastructure into a single environment.

VyOS gives you the on-premises network management experience on the cloud.

Cloud Gateway

Commercial Advantages

Connecting the on-premises network with the cloud

VyOS can serve as a VPC gateway and establish a transparent channel between your on-premises network and your cloud infrastructure, using many different tunneling protocols.

Publishing Services
Publishing services

With a single public IP address, VyOS can redirect a request to your multiple services on the cloud when you would like to publish them on the internet.

Connecting cloud traffic to the internet

You can easily share internet access between the hosts inside the cloud with a NAT gateway via a single external address supported by VyOS to establish connectivity for the whole virtual network.

Traffic Protection
Traffic protection

Most cloud providers offer the ability to use network policies for traffic filtering. However, if you wish to use a classic stateful firewall with a familiar interface, VyOS is the right choice.


  • Support for multiple cloud technologies and services
  • Multiple NAT variations for flexible access between networks
  • Dynamic routing protocols for simplified routing between networks
  • Encrypted channels with IPSec, WireGuard, OpenVPN for safe access from external networks
  • Stateful firewall for precise traffic filtering and enhanced service protection

VyOS Supports Multiple Public and Private Cloud Providers

Still not 100% sure about VyOS? Give it a shot and let the hands-on experience speak for itself!
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What Our Customers Say

As an ISP, one of our most important use cases is to be able to run full BGP tables without any issues. We have been using VyOS for this for years now and it has worked absolutely flawlessly. I don’t think we’ve ever had an issue with this, in fact.

We also use VyOS to host a couple of hundred server-networks and VyOS handles this with ease, even with some of our networks having crazy amounts of access-rules on them and often having consistently high throughput and burst rates.

Whenever we do experience issues or we simply have theoretical questions, it never feels like the support team is far away. We usually receive very quick and concise answers to our inquiries. It’s a very nice feeling to know that everyone that’s working on the VyOS project seem to be experts at it, it does a lot for our confidence in running VyOS as much as we do.

Max Sörensen

I reached out to the Vyos team with an issue regarding my subscription and it was promptly resolved.

I have been using vyos for the past 6 maybe 7 years, came from pfsense and never looked back.

The most important features for me:

  • Ease of use
  • I can configure everything from the command line and have made small modifications as time has gone by. I keep a script with the full command set applicable to my firewall.
  • QoS
  • Setting up fq-codel is extremely intuitive and works flawlessly. I never had this kind of QoS with other solutions.
  • I do miss a web interface to display stats and such, but I can live without it for the time being.
Juan B. Rodriguez

I have nothing but good things to say about the VyOS Support Engineers. I think Dmitriy has owned our last 2 ticket, and the rest of the Support Team have all helped out. Taras, Yuriy, Jose, (and I hope I didn’t miss anyone) are quick to contribute and answer any questions I have. I believe it was Taras that even updated the VyOS/VMware doc to clarify a few things that I needed help understanding.

My boss just recently purchased a VyOS Subscription, or license, because we were experiencing a couple bizarre issues during our VyOS refresh of 30+ routers. We were struggling due to a single “show-stopper” issue, month after month, and not able to proceed with the rest of the refresh project. My boss, Daya Rajaratnam, decided we needed to get Commercial Support and open proper tickets and also to show our support of the VyOS Team.

Just hours after our Support PO went thru, I opened a ticket. I gave it a relatively low priority so I would know what to expect with future tickets. Its was great to see a response from an Engineer in just a couple hours. Fast forward a few days and the root cause was identified, I had a simple workaround in place and working in production(and had learned a lot from other Support Engineers that had contributed). What a HUGE load off my back to have that issue resolved with a reliable fix. 5 Stars for service, knowledge, and going above and beyond. (Hell, can I give them 10 stars?).

4 days later I opened a second ticket about an unrelated VTI issue that had also been plaguing us for many months. The experience was equally impressive and I again had a simple and reliable workaround.

Working with this group was a real pleasure.

Layne Jester
RedShield Security

I use Vyos from the beginning and his predecessor Vyatta. I like platform because has own style of architecture and similar cli like cisco and juniper.

I use platform to make migration from site to site or hybrid migration with Cloud.

I’d like that platform has all ipv6 attribute and use it very much.

Pavlin Dulev

VyOS is the backbone of our company network since the early Vyatta 6.x days. It scales to meet your needs – from 256MB Alix-Board Low-Power Box for small branch offices to multi-processor rackmounted/virtualized network appliance – and is extremely easy to integrate with other systems like monitoring and configuration management. The excellent support from Sentrium turns it into a truely complete product that meets all our requirements.

Head of IT
Enterprise Automation Foxit Software

I’m happy to recommend VyOS/Sentrium. We first began using VyOS several years ago; we maintain a VPN from cellular vendor network to our infrastructure. Since moving our infrastructure permanently to AWS, we decided to sign up for Sentrium’s professional product and service.

I recently ran into a peculiar issue with the IPSEC VPN after a version upgrade – Sentrium staff worked with me to resolve it, and were very prompt in providing information and resolution. We are running two instances, a primary and a backup, and both are working splendidly, with seamless failover.

Paul Theodoropoulos

Thank you for the prompt support. It is great to know that not only the product is a perfect fit for our needs, but also knowing that there is a professional support team we can rely on.

We use VYOS to connect distributed POPs to our data centers and provide secure Internet connectivity to the POPs.

Dan Shechter

I think you have a great product. Actually I like promoting your product to other customers and using it for demo purposes.

You are one of a kind today to support almost all network protocols.

Simon Östling
Arrow Electronics

You guys are great on support. Thank You.

Anthony Grevich

We are very excited about VyOS and use it as part of our products. VyOS convinces as a complete product with REST API and Wireguard support. The support is very fast and extremely competent.

Reto Giezendanner
Flow Swiss AG

Benefits of bringing the cloud and local network together with VyOS:

  • The unified functionality across local and cloud networks
  • Сost-efficient combination of multiple network cloud services into a single VyOS instance
  • Connecting multiple networks into a single environment
  • Easy and secure connection between multiple clouds
  • Secure access to sensitive resources on a cloud from anywhere
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Easy application deployment and transfer