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VyOS on OpenStack

Open Stack is an open-source platform and cloud operating system that controls the large pool of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter. To increase the value of existing data center assets that consists of multiple networking devices, Open Stack has created a pluggable, scalable, automated, and API-driven system for managing networks and IP addresses. Convenient graphical interface provided by the dashboard gives ability administrators and users to access, provision, and automate cloud-based resources.

Providing infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Open Stack makes it easy for users to quickly add a new instance enabling other cloud components to run upon it. The open-source nature of the software allows users to easily access the source code, make changes or modifications needed, and freely share them back out to the community at large.

To build and manage the private and public clouds, Open Stack uses pooled virtual resources as a tool called “projects”. The “projects”, comprised of a series of commands known as scripts and bundled into packages, relay tasks for creating the cloud environment. Two types of software are utilized by Open Stack platform to create those environments:

  • Virtualization that creates a layer of virtual resources abstracted from hardware;
  • A base operating system (OS) that carries out commands given by OpenStack scripts.

Unlike other virtualization management platforms that make only easier manipulation of features and functions of virtual resources, Open Stack actually uses the virtual resources to run that combination of tools. These tools create a cloud environment that meets the 5 criteria of cloud computing: a network, pooled resources, a user interface, provisioning capabilities, and automatic resource control/allocation.

VyOS on OpenStack

Benefits and use cases

VyOS is an open-source, Linux-based network OS designed to be a central point of secure traffic exchange in the Open Stack private and cloud environments, or between the cloud and external resources. With powerful routing, VPN technologies, and firewall functionality, VyOS is known for being the all-in-one networking solution for large enterprises and SMB that value flexibility and performance.

VyOS provides Open Stack platform compatible images you can easily deploy on an available Open Stack appliance and upgrade it up to the latest version upon installation. Choosing the version is also fully in your hands.

Starting from 1.2.1 release VyOS provides a basic OpenStack support – the raw image comes with cloud-init preconfigured for OpenStack. This should greatly facilitate deployments in private and public clouds backed by OpenStack.

With Open Stack, taking care of computing resources, and VyOS, providing connectivity for them, you avoid the issues associated with managing your own hardware, servers, and multiple network devices.

Common use cases

Traffic Management

VyOS offers additional tools that complement Open Stack native traffic management solutions and give you more flexibility and real self-service, even over your network configurations where it matters.

Security and Confidentiality

Provide secure access for remote users to a VPN concentrator: PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and WireGuard. Limit access to sensitive data or valuable resources by means of a powerful firewall: stateful, zone-based, with source and destination NAT support.


VyOS is essentially a centralized performance and management solution, which effectively eliminates the need to invest in and maintain multiple computing instances.

Still not 100% sure about VyOS? Give it a shot and let the hands-on experience speak for itself!
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What our customers say

Why VyOS?

Efficient and Versatile

Advanced routing capabilities, multi-protocol VPN, and a stateful firewall are but the tip of an iceberg.

Reliable VPN:

  • OpenVPN
  • L2TP over IPsec
  • Site-to-Site
  • GRE/IPsec
  • PPTP-Server
  • WireGuard VPN Interface

Advanced Firewall and NAT:

  • Zone-based firewall
  • All types of source and destination NAT (one to one, one to many, many to many)

Scalable Routing:

  • BGP (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • RIP and RIPng
  • OSPF (v2 and v3)
  • Policy-based routing
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Download our free datasheet to discover more about VyOS on Openstack