VyOS On Dell EMC

Enforce your network infrastructure with an open-source network OS.

VyOS On Dell EMC

Dell’s exceptional multigigabit offerings are an exceptionally strong base for designing a high throughput network. Combining it with VyOS opens a plethora of new opportunities for your infrastructure. From repurposing current hardware to quickly scaling and provisioning networking services in your infrastructure – VyOS has the features.

What will you get from combining Dell’s rich selection of equipment with the functionality of an open-source Network OS?

  • Wide choice of servers, compatible with VyOS - for every case;
  • High quality of hardware, provided by the vendor with a proven history of successful installations;
  • Pretty good support for both hardware and software parts;
  • Portable configuration - the whole configuration in a single text file, which can be easily copied to a newrouter, even if it will be installed on another type of hardware or even a virtual machine;
  • The ability to use the multitude of network protocols and technologies VyOS implements;
  • Router control - full access to underlying Linux for advanced troubleshooting and deubg

Shift to an environment where the only thing slowing your network infrastructure is available computing power.

Common use cases

Network router

Network router

Combine VyOS with Dell EMC to provide such network services as DHCP, DNS, NTP, and a Proxy-Server to your clients.

VPN concentrator

VPN concentrator

Connect your clients, remote locations, and cloud services securely with IPSec, WireGuard, DMVPN, OpenVPN, and L2TP.



Separate networks (DMZ from a Client Network) with a stateful, zone-based, or source and destination firewall and NAT.

Run VyOS without a hiccup on compatible Dell hardware

Deploy VyOS directly onto bare metal server, data storage, networking, and security Dell EMC solutions from our ISO image or combine PXE infrastructure with the Dell iDRAC management engine for a completely remote installation on large-scale deployments.

Performance is guaranteed.

VEP 4600

VEP 4600

The Dell EMC Networking Virtual Edge Platform 4600 is built with a purpose for SD-WAN to run multiple network functions virtually. The Intel Xeon D-2100 powered box is stacked with enough computing power to scale naturally and expand into future use cases.

The modular design and open networking experience VEP 4600 offers enable enterprises to add new capabilities to their network infrastructure while also preventing vendor lock-in.

VEP 1400

VEP 1400

Dell’s VEP 1400 lineup aims to provide MSPs and Enterprises with a powerful networking solution that offers a fine balance between high-value and low-power.

Multiple hardware choices complement the flexibility of available SD-WAN and VFN software options and the Atom C-300 processor combined with QAT and DPDK technologies are neatly packed in a compact box.

PowerEdge R640

PowerEdge R640

Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 was launched as one of the original 14th gen PowerEdge servers. The two socket 1U machine combines computing power, density, and cost-efficiency.

PowerEdge R640 is powered by two Intel Xeon CPUs that can be scaled up to 28 cores per processor offering scalability and the availability of VM solutions offers a fine edge to Enterprises looking to avoid vendor lock-in.

“VyOS is the backbone of our company network since the early Vyatta 6.x days. It scales
to meet your needs – from 256MB Alix-Board Low-Power Box for small branch offices to
multi-processor rackmounted/virtualized network appliance – and is extremely easy to
integrate with other systems like monitoring and configuration management. The
excellent support from Sentrium turns into a truly complete product that meets all our requirements.”

– Foxit Software

Why VyOS?

  • Deploy VyOS with ease from a set ISO image
  • Leverage management benefits from iDRAC console support
  • Scale your resources through hardware expandability
  • Review, backup, and manage your infrastructure through a comfortable CLI
  • Secure connections between cloud and physical offices with a wide selection of tunneling protocols
  • Accelerate encryption processes with Intel ® QuickAssist
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