VyOS On Azure

Your reliable router and firewall in the Cloud. Available in a virtual environment and on raw metal!

Most cost-effective network OS on the most cost-effective Cloud Service

Being the spiritual successor to Vyatta, VyOS is designed as a flexible, multi-purpose router that plays nicely with any and all DevOps tools and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg in implementation. 

  • Ready: Swiftly deploy VyOS directly from the marketplace using the prebuilt image. There are no installation requirements. 
  • Set: Every image is based upon the VyOS ISO release. Your version of the system will be upgraded to the latest version automatically. 
  • Go: You don’t have to get used to VyOS. It is designed with your DevOps tools in mind including Hashicorp’s Terraform as well as the Red Hat Ansible. 


VyOS is one of the few solutions on the market to offer DMVPN. Paired with Azure’s native on-premises cloud support and a wide selection of virtual offers, this technology ensures enough flexibility to run anything from a simple VPN to your own Virtual Private Cloud without neither increasing the cost nor sacrificing speed or quality. 


There are no hidden costs or arbitrary fees. Investing in VyOS once allows you access to every last bit of functionality, both present, and future. 


Challenges only suck when you are alone. VyOS subscribers have access to a 24/7 support line, a wide array of guides, documentation, educational materials, and community support. 

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