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Emergency Services Emergency Services

You probably have your late full making the world a safer place. Please accept our help in building a secure network as a token of gratitude.

VyOS for first responders

We understand that your line of work demands access to reliable network infrastructure. VyOS is an open-source, community-driven project designed to become just that.

Our team hopes to make your day-to-day activities faster and simpler with customizable features for all network devices and the benefits of a premium subscription at your disposal. Sure, you’ll still be doing the superhero part of work, but hey… there’ll be less to worry about with us on top of your network game.

Router and Firewall

Router and Firewall

Ensure optimal handling of traffic flows through policy-based routing and QoS behind a secure stateful firewall.

Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway

Connect your cloud infrastructure without overspending on per-tunnel licensing with VyOS.

VPN Gateway

VPN Gateway

Enforce a reliable connection through a multitude of VPN protocols including IPsec, VTI, OpenVPN, and WireGuard.


VyOS is the backbone of our company network since the early Vyatta 6.x days. It scales to meet your needs – from 256MB Alix-Board Low-Power Box for small branch offices to multi-processor rack-mounted/virtualized network appliance – and is extremely easy to integrate with other systems like monitoring and configuration management. The excellent support from Sentrium turns it into a truly complete product that meets all your requirements

– Head of IT-Enterprise Automation, Foxit Software

Why VyOS?

VyOS is an enterprise-level networking solution backed by a passionate community. Continuous updates, constant improvements, and simple version control ensure efficient networking when and where it really matters.

liRouting: BGP, OSPF, RIP, and RIPng


liFirewall: Stateful, zone-based, NAT

liNetwork services: DHCP, IPv6 RA, TFTP server, DNS, PPPoE, QoS

Is VyOS challenging in implementation?

We don’t break existing ecosystems, but rather build upon them. The project is flexible and scalable with its internal APIs accessible to everyone.

Enforce your network infrastructure with VyOS

*This program is intended for first responder organizations only. Other admissions will not be accepted.

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